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Andover Apparel Store NOW OPEN

We are happy to announce that we have an apparel store open (see link below)!  There is something for everyone, even those hard to shop for people on your list.   Grab your sweatshirts, vests, hats, or even a new bag!

The store closes on Monday 11/27, so get your shopping done early so you don't miss out!


Travel Baseball FAQs

How do I register?  

Travel registration is now closed.

What if we can't make the tryout dates?

Your player will be required to attend August 19th, or the make-up date of August 23rd in order to be evaluated for a travel team.  These dates are scored by our external evaluators, and these scores will be used to determine players rankings for team selections.   August 20th is not a required attendance date, but participation is encouraged, as prospective coaches will be allowed to observe players baseball IQ and abilities in a simulated game.  These observations may be used by coaches to make decisions between similarly ranked players. 

When does the season start?  How long is the travel season?

Many teams will elect to do off season training.  Depending on the coach, these practices may start in January or February.  Off season training is optional to participate in, but encouraged.  The location of these practices is dependent on the coach, as they will set these up on their own.  Common locations include GrandSlam, school gyms, or other area facilities.  ABA sponsored trainings begin in March at the Andover Community Center.  Tournament and game play can start as early as the end of April.  Regular season play typically ends in June, and district playoffs and State Tournaments are in July.  Depending on your team, the season could last until early, or late July.

What is the schedule like?

You can expect practices and games to fill 3 nights per week on average.  There are no set schedules for travel teams, so you may practice, or play, any day of the week.  Most coaches avoid scheduling league games on weekends, and reserve weekends for tournament play.  ABA pays for each team to participate in 3 tournaments per season.  Many teams do elect to participate in a 4th tournament.  Tournaments can include Friday, Saturday and Sunday dates for their games.  

How much does travel baseball cost?

Tryouts are $25 to register.  If selected to a team, there is a registration fee of $495, and an additional $100 fundraiser per player.  These fees include your players uniform (hat, 2 jerseys, 1 pair of pants, and a belt), the practices at the Andover Community Center, 3 regular season tournaments, 1 state tournament (if your team qualifies), and the insurance and umpires for the season.

Many teams will also collect a "slush fund."  These funds will vary by team, but are typically between $100-200 per player, and cover off season trainings, a 4th regular season tournament, and other expenses as outlined by your coach.  If your team qualifies for multiple state tournaments, participation in a 2nd or 3rd state tournament would also be an out of pocket expense, and is typically around $50/player/tournament.

Many teams do elect to have one of their tournaments be an out-of-town tournament.  Costs for hotels, transportation, and food would all be out of pocket expenses for your player.

Where will we be playing?

Home games and practices are all at local fields.  You will have on average 8 away games per season.  Travel could include locations up to an hour away, though typically, teams are within 30 minutes of Andover.

Still have questions?  Please ask!  


Reminder:  Under DIBS,  ensure your date range is for the entire season and that there may be multiple pages for multi-day shifts. 

2024 Season DIBS are starting - please check back often. 

Upcoming DIBS: Will be posted soon!!

Any Questions please contact the Volunteer Director:

Olivia Pizinger >

Parent: Is my player ready for Travel Baseball?

Below is a list of Baseball Competencies by age, please note this list is only intended to be used as a guideline for determining if Travel is the right fit for your player. 

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