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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play Andover Baseball

By Andover Baseball Association, 02/07/19, 9:30AM CST


ABA's programs include t-ball, in-house baseball, competitive traveling baseball and a recreational league for high school+

  1. Andover Baseball Associations' goal is to support our baseball community, bring more energy to the field, and show that we are dedicated to improving the level of play from the t-ball years to the high school level.
  2. Most t-ball and in-house games and practices are on weeknights so you can save your precious Minnesota weekends for the cabin!
  3. Andover Baseball Associations' 9-12 year old in-house teams play with Anoka and Soderville, which allows for great competition (not just games against other Andover teams).
  4. Starting at 9/10U, Andover Baseball Association has a travel baseball program (the most competitive level of baseball in the state of MN). Travel teams have the opportunity to play in 3+ tournaments each summer as well as the state tournament. Out-of-town tournaments give kids the opportunity to develop baseball and social skills by hanging out with their teammates off the field. Tryouts for the 2020 season will take place in August 2019.
  5. In 2019, Andover Baseball Association is expanding our high school recreational league, called Sunday Sandlot, to include ages 16-21 (not to turn 22 before the end of the season).
  6. Andover Baseball Association has a progressive program that starts with t-ball and machine/coach pitch. Kids can play up from t-ball; parents can work with Andover Baseball Association to place their kids at the level they are ready for.
  7. As players get older the fields, pitching and base length grows with skill: young kids start with 60-foot base lengths that grow to 65-feet at age 11, 75-feet for ages 12-13 and 90-feet for age 14, preparing kids for the high school level. Little League bases stay at 60-feet through age 12.
  8. In the last two years, Andover Baseball Association has given back over $50,000 to the Andover community with ongoing field improvements and scholarships for high school graduates who have played baseball within our program when growing up.
  9. ABA offers USSSA style baseball (not the same as Little League) and is associated with over 125 other MN community baseball associations via Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) and Metro Baseball League (MBL).
  10. ABA plays with USSSA bats that are designed for performance, not the “dead” bats that are required for Little League.